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Ty Flippables by Ty Inc

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 Ty Flippables Sequin Beanie Babies

Crunch the Dinosaur

Crunch is my name and that makes me proud
I'm shiny and sparkly, and stick out in a crowd!

Birth Date is October 12th

Malibu the Cat

Flip my sequins up and down
Move my colors all around!

Birth Date February 19th

Stompy the Dinosaur

I stomp through the land with my shiny big feet
Looking for bright green leaves to eat!

Birth Date is November 26th

Tremor the Dinosaur

I only want big leaves to eat
They're always sweet
Such a tasty treat!

Birth Date is September 5th

Payton the Penguin

When I waddle down the street
I dazzle everyone I meet.

Birth Date is January 20th

Sparkle the pink unicorn

I’m a special unicorn

Full of magic I was born

I sparkle all over just for you

So let me be your best friend too!

Birth Date is April 6th

Pinky the Flamingo

I'm a very sparkly pink
My eyes are really blue
And if you'd like to play with me
I'd like to play with you !

Birth Date is June 8th

Yappy the Chihuahua

If you pet my little head
I am a pretty blue
But if you pet the other way
I'll turn a bright purple for you!

Birth Date is May 12th

Moonlight the Owl

Because I'm so pretty
I live high in a tree
So no one will ever
Be able to catch me!

Birth Date is June 5th

Jewel the Fox

I am burgundy and white
As everyone can see
But will quickly turn to silver
If you'll just pet me.

Birth Date August 22nd

Diamond the white unicorn

I glisten and dazzle
Like the shiniest of lights
My sparkle can brighten
The darkest of nights!

Birth Day is March 1st


Also available in the Medium Size for $16.99!!

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