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Ganz Animal Pocket Purse Charms Tokens


Ganz Animal Pocket Purse Charms Tokens

Great for any occasion, these pocket charms/purse tokens let that special someone know you are thinking of them. Each charm comes with a small card that explains the meaning behind the token. The charms are made from either glass, polystone or metal.

Charms are sold individually, not as a group.

Always Stand Tall Giraffe Charm ER56004 Metal 3/4"W x 1 3/4" H 

Bluebird of Happiness Charm ER36100 Metal 1"L x 3/4"H

The Bumble Bee Cannot Fly Charm ER28460 Metal 3/4" W x 5/8" H

Cheerful LIttle Mouse Charm ER53762 Metal 5/8" W x 1" H

Good Luck & Good Fortune Prosperity Pig Charm ER60310 Glass  3/8" W. x 5/8" L. x 5/8" H

The Hummingbird Charm ER32084 Metal 1 1/8"W x1"H

Kindness COWnts Charm ER53965 Metal 1/2" D. x 11/4" L. x 1" H

Llisten To a Llama Charm ER56514 Metal 3/4" W. x 3/8" D. x 3/4" H

Lucky Duck Charm ER49307 Metal 3/4" L. x 3/4" H

Lucky Little Bumble Bee Charm ER48841 Glass 1/2" W. x 1/2" L

Lucky Little Elephants Charm ER28470 Metal 1" W. x 5/8" H

Lucky Little Firefly Charm ER53764 Metal 11/8" W. x 11/8" H Glows in the dark!

Lucky Little Piggy Charm ER14872 Metal 7/8" L

The Tiny Little Ladybug Charm EL3490 Glass 1/2"L

When Pigs Can Fly Charm ER35387 Metal 7/8"L


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